Neptune provides an holistic approach to sustainability in film-making.

While our programmes are tailored to the size and needs of each individual production, our overall strategy is to manage resources across London-based productions to bring the highest level of value and sustainability to all stakeholders.


Neptune will work with your production to develop a customised plan and policy during prep, engage your cast and crew to ensure that our presence and availability is known and that everyone on set is onboard and working towards the same goals.

We will advise and connect your team with a thoroughly vetted sustainable supply chain to ensure that all of the planned actions are possible. Our services are completely scalable to fit your needs, for larger productions it is extremely beneficial to have a designated presence on set at all times, in these cases Neptune can provide a trained Eco PA to join your crew and supervise them throughout the course of the shoot.

During production we also will advise on ad hoc requests from all departments and feed back progress on our efforts to your cast and crew. In addition, we implement sustainable methods and provide support for your location days, crowd days, 2nd unit days, and anything else that comes up.

Towards the end of production, we work with each department to strike and wrap their materials and assets as sustainably as possible providing options for reuse, charitable donation or recycling where no other option is feasible. Following wrap we will provide a thorough wrap report detailing our efforts with completion of a carbon footprint under the sustainability certification of your choice – Producers Guild of America and Environmental Media Association Green Seal, or Bafta Albert.

If you chose to publicise your efforts we can provide data and work with your EPK team to capture and collate relevant footage and interviews.

Neptune will handle every aspect of sustainability, leaving your production team to concentrate on what ends up on screen, safe in the knowledge that their impact is being