Plans and Policies - Developing a strategy with your production team and HODs, implementing the required strategies and monitoring progress against targets


Editorial – Script review and consultation with props, set dec, action vehicles and costume to integrate sustainable products and lifestyle behaviours on screen


Recruiting – We will provide trained Eco PAs to join your crew


Sustainable Supply Chain – Providing sustainably certified products and services for your offices, workshops and locations


Circular Economy – Transport, storage and reuse options for sets, props, and office materials


Social Impact – Working with our suite of charity partners to donate food during production, and materials and assets on wrap


Data Collection & Analysis – Working directly with vendors and your accounting team to track, collate and anaylse information on your environmental impacts and CO2 emitting activities


Carbon Footprinting and Sustainability Certification – Following PGA, EMA or Albert programmes as per your studio requirements


Comprehensive Reporting – Detailing all of the relevant environmental facts and figures, successes and challenges and planning for improvements on your future productions.